The Bluestone Process

Together with our clients we follow the Bluestone five-step process for securing wealth and implementing sound financial planning:

Step 1: A Wealth-Centric Process

1. Personal Financial Planning

  • our process is customized to reflect each client’s personal financial objectives
  • our process is then implemented at clients’ discretion and with clients’ input
  • clients’ evolving needs and goals direct ongoing financial analysis

2. Holistic Approach

  • Step 2:Growth Investingour process is comprehensive, covering a broad spectrum, (cash flow, debt management & pay down, education funding and retirement planning, and most important – investments)
  • clients’ estate plans are regularly reviewed and updated
  • each client’s household balance sheet is central to the process, carefully considering the nature and balance of assets & liabilities, with a view to growing net worth

3. Growth Investing

  • Step 3: Managing the Managersour process is driven by the pursuit of superior long-term investment results
  • the Bluestone team searches for top Mutual Fund money managers
  • the Bluestone team monitors these managers with ongoing due diligence
  • tax minimization strategies are considered at each step

4. Behind the Scenes Care

  • Step 4: Behind the Scenes Carewe carefully and accurately manage and monitor the details and administration of each client’s account
  • our rigorous ongoing research ensures top success strategies are recommended to clients
  • copies of strategic documents are maintained in confidential client files (investments, insurance, mortgage, tax, pension, estate, etc.)

5. Bluestone Community

  • Step 5: Ongoing Follow-Up and Contactclients' investments and strategies are reviewed and adjusted in regular personal meetings
  • seminars and memos keep clients informed, inspired and connected
  • our Bluestone website provides information and private account access
  • Terry and Patty Rempel remain available and responsive to client inquiries and requests.